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You can dream of living a great life...or you can start living your great dream.
Welcome to Dream Chasers Media Group. I know what you're thinking--this doesn't look like that great of a web site. But if I had to choose between having a great web site or having great dreams...no contest. I'd go for the dreams. And that's really what we're all about. Great dreams and their pursuit. 

We publish books, produce music, create fine art and even have a film and video division. All of which exists for one purpose: to guide dreamers back to the place where their dreams have died, fan the flickering embers of hope into flame and set them free on a new course to reclaim lost destiny. 

Have you all but given up on ever realizing your dreams? Well, like it says up there in the banner...dreamers are welcome here. So look around the site, and if you see something that captures your fancy, tweaks your interest, sets your heart to beating and your feet to dancing...you belong here even.

Remember, you can dream of living a great life, or you can start living your great dream.  Start living. Let us show you how.
A new book by R.G. Ryan
(with Foreword by Ken Blanchard)

"Snapshots At St. Arbuck's"
 Hijacked by hope in a neighborhood coffee bar

You can never know great love...until you've known great loss.
By R.G. Ryan
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